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Our Mission
To transform the landscape of employee healthcare...

Provision Health's mission is to transform the landscape of employee healthcare by offering mid-market companies a robust alternative to traditional PPO plans. We are dedicated to honesty, integrity, and complete transparency, ensuring our partners and their employees receive the utmost attention to detail and commitment to quality in every interaction. Our goal is to empower businesses and enhance lives by providing cost-effective and innovative medical benefits options, improving bottom lines, simplifying benefits administration, and fostering employee satisfaction and financial health. We strive to be a faithful ally for mid-market companies nationwide, driving growth and stability while ensuring access to the highest-quality healthcare available.

ProVision Health
Empowering Business, Enhancing Lives

At Provision Health, we stand at the forefront of healthcare innovation, merging a leading PPO network's expansive reach and trust with groundbreaking cost-containment solutions.

Our unique health plan, designed with businesses' financial and operational health in mind, redefines the approach to managing high-dollar hospital claims. Through strategic partnerships with in-network hospitals and facilities, we introduce a sustainable model that consistently delivers savings of up to 25% on group medical insurance. This initiative not only preserves the comprehensive coverage and plan designs employers and employee shave come to rely on but also pioneers new plan designs for specific workforce populations and does so at significantly reduced costs. Our product's unique architecture lies in the seamless integration of a vast PPO network with cost-containment strategies that previously could only be achieved through reference-based pricing.

ProVision Health accomplishes these outcomes without encountering the drawbacks associated with reference-based pricing, such as non-contracted facility pricing, balance billing of employees, or the disruption of multiple access points to care while ensuring seamless and coordinated member healthcare delivery. This strategic advantage ensures significant cost savings and fosters a culture of transparency, efficiency, and respect, aligning with ProVision’s core values.Provision Health is not just another medical insurance provider; we are a partner in driving growth and stability for businesses while ensuring their employees have access to the highest-quality healthcare available. By choosing ProVision Health, companies are not just changing health plans but embracing a future where healthcare benefits are the cornerstone of employee satisfaction and financial health.

Our Clients Say

"Switching to ProVision has been a game- changer for our company. The innovative plan design has significantly reduced our healthcare costs, and provided us with access to an excellent, national PPO network. Our employees have never been happier with their healthcare coverage, and it shows in their morale and productivity."

Sam Wafaa
American Guard Services

"ProVision has redefined what we expect from a health plan. From exceptional customer service, to seamless, nationwide coverage, it's clear our needs have been prioritized. Our employees have noted how satisfied they are with the ease and comprehensiveness of their coverage, setting ProVision apart in the healthcare industry."

Corbin Williams
Pacific Shore Holdings

"Our experience with ProVision has been nothing short of extraordinary. The substantial cost savings allow us to invest more back into our employees. Moreover, the extensive PPO network and innovative plan design solutions have significantly improved our employee satisfaction and morale. ProVision has proven to be a partner in our success, not just a provider."

Jerry Gregory
Vets Securing America Inc.
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