The ProVision Healthcare Product

ProVision is the next evolution of health benefits that leverages the infrastructure and member experience of a large PPO, while simultaneously out performing anything currently available in the open market.

Healthcare Pricing Comparison
Impacts on Reinsurance Costs

ProVision's Impact on Reinsurance Costs and Client Savings
ProVision has led to favorable terms with stop-loss insurers, resulting in significant cost savings and flexibility for clients. Its proprietary claims adjudication platform substantially reduces the high cost of facilities claims. By addressing issues such as double billing and inappropriate claims, ProVision ensures the utmost cost containment and client value.

Reduction in Premiums
This proprietary model, coupled with strategic partnerships with key entities, has fostered substantial reductions in both individual and family premiums compared to traditional stop-loss models.

Minimized Fixed Costs and Maximized Variable Savings
ProVision effectively minimizes fixed costs while maximizing variable savings, particularly in the high dollar value of complex facility claims.

Lower Claims Costs:
  • Effective cost management
  • Lower overall liability
  • Better long term risk portfolio
Increased Predictability
  • Max claims liability, network allowed amount v.s. billed charges
  • Simplifies risk modeling for reinsurers
  • Minimizes exposure to high dollar claims
Reduced Incidence of Large Claims:
  • Lower specific stop-loss premiums
  • Lower aggregate attachment points
  • Inherently lowers claim risk
In Summary
ProVision offers a compelling model for managing healthcare costs while maintaining the highest levels of access to care and provider satisfaction.

We accomplish this by offering:

Our Clients Say

"Switching to ProVision has been a game- changer for our company. The innovative plan design has significantly reduced our healthcare costs, and provided us with access to an excellent, national PPO network. Our employees have never been happier with their healthcare coverage, and it shows in their morale and productivity."

Sam Wafaa
American Guard Services

"ProVision has redefined what we expect from a health plan. From exceptional customer service, to seamless, nationwide coverage, it's clear our needs have been prioritized. Our employees have noted how satisfied they are with the ease and comprehensiveness of their coverage, setting ProVision apart in the healthcare industry."

Corbin Williams
Pacific Shore Holdings

"Our experience with ProVision has been nothing short of extraordinary. The substantial cost savings allow us to invest more back into our employees. Moreover, the extensive PPO network and innovative plan design solutions have significantly improved our employee satisfaction and morale. ProVision has proven to be a partner in our success, not just a provider."

Jerry Gregory
Vets Securing America Inc.
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